100% client retention.

We do it through meticulous customer service, a passion for technology, and an unwavering commitment to getting the job done right the first time.  We call it: Just another day at the office.


All of our technicians have at least seven years of IT experience, so "asking to speak to a manager" or having your call transferred is not necessary.  Some say it's customer support heaven; but we ask, Why would we do it any differently?

One point of contact.

Our clients work with the same group of technicians from start to finish.

No need to advertise.

Since opening shop in 2003 we have grown on referrals alone.



We want a relationship and will be around for a while.

In the IT managed services industry, it is not uncommon for providers to be acquired or sell work at a marked-up rate to another company, which results in higher costs and poorer service for the customer.  We manage your IT needs ourselves to provide the best value and highest level of service.